A bit about us....

On a chilly day in January 2013 we picked up our first family dog, a Cockapoo puppy we named Buddy!  Along with the puppy, the breeder gave us a bag of reputable brand dog biscuits.  Being slightly naïve, coming down every morning to a bundle of fluff covered in poo seemed the norm, I mean, babies have runny bums for a while don’t they?!  The routine of bath time every morning and washing bedding was part of the morning routine.  Just what you need with 2 kids as well!

Buddy soon became a regular in my office (I work full time), where everyone made a fuss of him – until he cleared the office with his smelly wind!!  Windows were opened, people hung around open doors… not great, but that’s what dogs do right?!

It soon became clear something wasn’t right when Buddy couldn’t contain himself one day and had an accident in the middle of the office floor.  When clearing it up, there was blood and goo… it was time for a trip to the vets, who quickly diagnosed Colitis.....this was going to get expensive...

The vet explained it’s probably the food, change to chicken and rice for a while, which we did (Buddy isn’t a fan of rice so just picked out the chicken) and finally, toileting was normal! 

The vet suggested trying their very expensive Hills Prescriptive range, which did the job, But Buddy wasn’t keen on it, who wants to eat the same thing day in day out?!  So it was back to chicken breasts from Tesco.  This was becoming  expensive!

Having talked (moaned) to a friend about the issues we’d been having, she suggested raw feeding as she had similar issues with her dog.  She sent me some info, which I read, leaving me in no doubt that I had to give it a go.  Admittedly I did find it all very confusing to start with!!   So that weekend we took a trip to her supplier, locally based Chiltern Canines in Chesham and brought some MVM (Manifold Valley Meats) rolls.  The ladies at Chiltern Canines were very helpful and gave us advice on how to get going etc.

The very next day Buddy’s tummy was perfect!!  AMAZING!!  From that day to today, we’ve had no issues. 

We absolutely believe that the Colitis was due to the food, and would never change back. 

Unfortunately Chiltern Canines closed, so, having a bit of space and not afraid of hard work and multitasking, we set up Home Counties Raw Feeding!!  We try our very best to give the service we would expect as customers, without restrictions of schedules and minimum orders.  We fully believe that 100% natural products is the only way forward for “Mans best friend”.  Not that our customers are only dogs, we have cats and ferrets as customers too.  We all want to know what goes into our food, and we believe the same should apply to our pets.  This is why we’re completely confident that the suppliers we use are in our opinion ultimately the best.  We don’t claim to be experts, we’re always learning!






Melissa & Tony x